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Douglas DC-8-73
The Douglas DC-8 was the first entry into the commercial jet airliner market fielded by Douglas Aircraft. It is a 4 engine model. The 70 series variants, also known as the "super 70's", are "super 60's" airframes upgraded with CFM56 engines. These represent the versions with the greatest range, fuel efficiency, take off weight, and least noise.

This model is a DC-8-73, which represents the final varient of the line. These are mainly used as freighters, and the model is made with that service in mind as there are no passenger windows. Airliner versions can be faked by creating windows on the livery.

Release status : ALPHA
Sub-version : .1 (Fixed cockpit xml to not rely on dc8-63 installation, corrected CFM56 bypass ratio)
This model is basic. It has a FDM loosely modeled on the DC-8-73 with CFM56 engines. It has basic flaps and controls, and basic animations. The cockpit is a basic rendition of a DC-8 cockpit and is fully functional.

DC-8-73 for FlightGear 2+

DC-8-73 for FlightGear 1.9.x

I also host the dc8-63 which is based on the dc8-73 model but modified to have JT3D engines. This conversion was done by Armchair Ace. DC-8-63 for FlightGear 2+